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Web designer .. working with Wordpress and Magento. Very good in SEO, optimalization websites. Skills in advert. Using tools like Google Webmaster tools, Bing, AdSence, AdWords, Google Analytics. Connecting website with Amazon, Paypal. Export files to xml for Shopping website.


Let's Talk

First thing to do is take a phone and ring +447746 992 820. Give a touch and talk about your ideas.

Find Solution

After your ideas, after you let me know what you expect, what you looking for, I can start to give you answers.

Let's Start

Will make best to do list from beginning. If you need, can help you find best name - brand for your business, register website, find right hosting for you.

Start Building

After I get more information about your plans, I can start to build your website. Usually I work with Wordpress if it is personal, business website. For e-shop am using woo-commerce or Magento.

After All

After when will show you example how your website can look, will continue to finish it It can take from 3 days to few weeks, depend what type of business you have.


When website is ready, am doing SEO for your website, optimize it for Google. Will connect your website with Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube. If have e-shop, connect it with Amazon, PalPal or E-Bay. Will give you access to statistic. Of course can do every month services and make your website fresh every month.


Live in UK


In this time I change lots of jobs and work on myself. But every single day my hobby and interest are computers. Own few websites, shops and helping people to grow their businesses.


2004 - 2007

I been working for Micros, now part of Oracle. Have responsibility for programming of tills in Germany, Czech and Slovakia. Biggest projects like Best Western, Slovakia Castle, Slovakia National Opera, Holiday In, AquaPark Poprad and lots of others.

Top Distributor


I had responsibility for make website and payment system for large Czech company which make games in Czech Republic and Slovakia with revenue 12 mil. £

Study Computer Science


From 14 year old I been working with computers. There was no google, no youtube, nothing. Only dictionary. Start study school and become very good in computer science, programs, programming, coding, little bit hacking :p

Our Team



CEO :)